NWJS Athletes 2015/2016

JIRCs 2015

JIRCs 2015

Following an introductory day back in the summer a number of new athletes have been invited to join the squad.

03rd Oct 15

The full list of athletes for the 2015/2016 season is here.


2016 Age Class Name Club
1st Year W14 Anna Harris DEE
1st Year W14 Caitlin Irvine WCOC
1st Year W14 Carys Thomas WCOC
1st Year W14 Merryn Stangroom LOC
1st Year W14 Charlotte Atkinson LOC
1st Year W14 Ellie Simmonds LOC
1st Year W14 Sophie Evans LOC
1st Year W14 Lucy Gibson LOC
1st Year W14 Eleanor Ellis PFO
2nd Year W14 Rosie Spencer WCOC
2nd Year W14 Jess Ensoll LOC
2nd Year W14 Jess Breeze WCOC
1st Year W16 Catherine Bloom LOC
2nd Year W16 Megan Bartlett LOC
2nd Year W16 Hannah Hateley DEE
2nd Year W16 Naimh Hunter WCOC
2nd Year W16 Fiona Newby LOC
2nd Year W16 Anna Lister LOC
1st Year W18 Daisy Flecher-Cooney LOC
1st Year W18 Emily Brown BL
2nd Year W18 Laura Hindle MDOC
2nd Year W18 Katie Lowles WCOC
2nd Year W18 Annie Ockenden SROC
1st Year M14 Henry Teasdale WCOC
1st Year M14 Joe Sunley WCOC
2nd Year M14 Ben Dempsey MDOC
2nd Year M14 Finlay Johnson SROC
2nd Year M14 Dan Lister LOC
2nd Year M14 Louis Morris WCOC
1st Year M16 Ben Goodwin WCOC
1st Year M16 Francis Smith-Ward LOC
2nd Year M16 Ben Breeze WCOC
2nd Year M16 Joe Goodwin WCOC
2nd Year M16 Alistair Thomas WCOC
2nd Year M16 Daniel Spencer WCOC
2nd Year M16 James McCann MDOC
2nd Year M16 Alex O'Donovan LOC
2nd Year M16 Harry Scott LOC
1st Year M18 Lachlan Chavasse DEE
1st Year M18 Jack Cryer PFO
1st Year M18 Sam Yates LOC
1st Year M18 Stewart Allison LOC
2nd Year M18 Matthew Fellbaum MDOC
2nd Year M18 Noah Howlett LOC
2nd Year M18 Laurence Johnston SROC

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