NWJS Coaches & Contacts

Richard Tiley

Richard Tiley

The contact details of Coaches and Helpers is in the table below.

03rd Oct 15

Coaches & Helpers
Position Name Club Phone Email
Lead Coach Lynne Thomas WCOC 016973 23582 lynnethomas99 at yahoo.co.uk
Squad Organiser Sue Roome SROC 01995 603885 nwjs at mroome.myzen.co.uk
Squad Coach Richard Tiley LOC 01229 587457 rich.tiley at btinternet.com
Squad Coach Gillian Rowan-Wilde PFO 01282 778536 gillian.rowanwilde at gmail.com
Squad Coach Christine Kiddier BL 01768 863791

cjkiddier at gmail.com

Squad Coach Julia Preston SROC   julibka at gmail.com
Squad Treasurer Duncan Harris DEE    
Fundraiser Sue Butterfield LOC    

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