NWOA Night League 2022/3

Final results & league tables available

06th Feb 23

NWNL sponsored by Bright Bike Lights


Dates, venues & results ...


12 Nov'22 SROC Beacon Fell, Longridge, results

26 Nov'22 SELOC Longsight Park, Bolton, results

03 Dec'22 PFO Hurstwood South, Burnley, results

14 Jan'23 LOC Torver Back Common, Coniston, results

21 Jan'23 DEE Beacon Park, Skelmersdale, results

28 Jan'23 MDOC Brereton Heath, Holmes Chapel, results

04 Feb'23 BL Knipe Scar, Brampton, results, table


Congratulations to ...

Overall Men’s winner is Alun Powell  AIRE 120 points

Overall Women’s winner is Emma Taylor PFO 96 points

Class winners are ...

M18- Matthew McCreadie DEE

M19-49 David Gray MDOC

M50+  Alun Powell  AIRE 

W18- Imogen Peters SYO

W19-49 Emma Taylor PFO

W50+ Sarah Bayliss WRE


Thanks to Chris Rostron for league administration and to all the race officials.


Other major night races ...

18 Feb'23 Moors Valley Country Park, Ringwood, British Nights 

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