NWOA Tour Grant Policy

Grant Policy

The NWOA tour grant policy can be seen and downloaded here.

06th Nov 23

1. Purpose


What are we trying to achieve by paying grants to people selected for representative honours?

To recognise and reward selection and representative honours

To ensure the best get access to top competition and coaching, and feel some responsibility to feed that experience back into the region



2. Which Countries?


Which countries do people have to represent in order to qualify for a grant?

Any IOF country or any of the U.K. Home Nations



3. Where to?


Where does the tour/event have to go to qualify for support?

Covers BOF, JROS or similar training tours where there is a selection process (including Talent North or similar above Regional Squad activity); GB selection and related GB Squad training tours; Home International matches where travel is in the UK. Support is as % of athlete's contribution, regardless of location of tour.



4. What Level?


What level does the tour/event have to be at to qualify for a grant?

Full international level for GB or Home Nation tours/matches. Selection as an individual or as part of a team for World Schools Orienteering Championships is included, but participation in events which the athlete has personally chosen to attend, such as the World Masters Championships, is not



5. What Age Classes?


Are there age restrictions on who can apply?

All age classes can apply.



6. Which Members?


What membership criteria apply?

National BOF members through a NWOA club and active with the club, or, for World Schools Championships, a member of a school team where the school is a member of both BSOA and of a NWOA club.



7. Other Criteria?


Are there any other criteria that apply?

Athletes in receipt of substantial Sports Council funding under one of the BOF/Home Nation programmes are not eligible for funding


8. What for?


Are grants just to competitors or to others too?

Only the athletes participating in a tour are eligible for funding, not tour managers, coaches, cooks, bus drivers or other support staff.



9. Rate of Grant


Last reviewed in 2008

For international or UK tours, a grant of 20% of the athlete's contribution will be paid. For World Schools Orienteering Championships, a grant of £50 per individual or £250 for a team of 5 will be paid




10.Authority Levels


What can the officers pay out without recourse to CDC for authority and what does the CDC wish to reserve for itself?

Grants may be paid by the Executive in accordance with this policy without further reference to the Clubs. The Executive has authority to interpret the policy where necessary and to review if budget constraints dictate.



11. Administration


Degree of formality and input from club

Application form including signature of club official confirming details on form and that person is an active member of the club. Supported by covering letter with additional details.


12. Multiple Grants


Can an individual apply for multiple grants?

Yes. 1 application per tour/event.


last reviewed December 2022.

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