NWOA Development Grants

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NWOA provides Development funds to Member clubs

24th Nov 23

Broad definition of Development 

What it is;
  • Anything designed to attract new people to the sport and retain existing people
  • Anything that makes staging events and activities easier, more efficient and less hassle
  • Anything that develops the skills people need to take part in, plan & organise events, or coach people of all ages
  • Anything designed to foster a feeling of being part of a thriving sport/club
  • Investment is new technology
What it is not;
  • Replacement of existing (standard) equipment, ie kites, SI boxes
  • Subsidising runs for current people unless there is a development aspect to the event/activity
  • Ie £3 off for all entering a gallopen does not count
  • £3 off for someone helping stage an event targeting new families does count



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