By video conference

It has not been possible to hold the usual AGM and CDM in a face to face meeting this year. We held off for as long as possible, hoping it would be possible.

29th Nov 20

The AGM will now be held by video conference on Tuesday 15th December, from 6.15 to 8.30 pm (max - we hope to conclude before then!) The agenda will start at 6.30 pm, with the time between making sure everyone can connect/see and hear each other on what may be unfamiliar software.

Joining details for the call will be sent shortly to all club chairs and secretaries.

The agenda for the meeting is:



All club chairs and secretaries, NW Exec members. Also posted on the NWOA website.

1.  Apologies for absence

2.  Minutes of 2019 AGM

3.  Matters arising from the Minutes

4.  Reports



Junior Squad.

Lake District Access. 

Co-ordinator of Controllers 


5.    NWOA Accounts 2016-17

6.   Budget/membership fees for 2017-18

7.  NW Urban League

8  Election of Executive Committee

9.   Appointment of Auditor

10.   AOB 

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