Norway Tour Reports 2016

Norway Tour 2016

Norway Tour 2016

In August a group of 29 juniors and 10 adults travelled out to Fredrikstad in southern Norway for the bi-annual junior squad tour.

20th Oct 16

The group stay in the Fredrikstad Club hut



​situated in one of seven mapped areas of forest around the town.

In previous years we have trained in a variety of these forests but this year we had the opportunity to visit the World Orienteering Championships being held a 45 minute drive south near Stromstad in Sweden, and attend the associated Spectator races. Consequently we reduced the amount of driving on non-WOC days and trained around the hut.

There are a number of reports written by different individuals that cover the many activities undertaken during the ten days.

Hannah Hateley here

M/W18s here

Daniel Spencer here

Rosie Spencer here

Alastair Thomas here


There are a selection of photos on a different page.

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