Northern Championships

Under the current Fixtures guidelines there are annual area Championships and Night Championships.

08th May 15

The Northern Championships rotate between NWOA, YHOA and NEOA.

Due to the relative size of NEOA, it has been agreed that there is not a strict alternation but it is allocated according to the following tables


Northern Champs Rota
Year Region Club Area


NWOA LOC Graythwaite
2010 YHOA SYO Big Moor
2011 NEOA NATO Ray Demesne
2012 NWOA MDOC High Dam
2013 YHOA EPOC Castle Carr
2014 NWOA SROC Blakeholme
2015 YHOA AIRE Malham Tarn
2016 NEOA CLOK Mulgrave Woods
2017 NWOA LOC Bigland
2018 YHOA EBOR Wass 
2019 YHOA SYO Wharncliffe
2020 NWOA MDOC High Dam on 10th May
2021 NEOA    


Northern Night Champs Rota
Year Region CLUB Area
2012 YHOA SYO Cranklow Woods
2013 NWOA SROC Traitors Gill
2014 YHOA AIRE Middleton Woods
2015 NEOA NATO Broomley Woods Cancelled
2016 NWOA MDOC Phillips Park
2017 YHOA HALO Knapton
2018 NWOA SROC Nicky Nook  
2019 YHOA AIRE Ilkley Moor 
2020 NEOA NATO Jesmond Dene 1st Feb

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