Lakes 5 Days 2022

Event Director job profile

Job profile for the paid role of Lakes 5 Days 2022 event director to deliver another successful multiday event. Working closely with volunteer officials from NW clubs.

Anyone with more questions about the role or who is definitely interested should contact David McCann, NW Chair davidmccann2020 "at"

09th Aug 21

Lakes 5  2022  -  Event Director : Job Description


Main Purpose of Job

To take the leading role and overall responsibility for the setting up and delivery of the 2022 Lakes 5-Day Event with a quality similar to that achieved in previous Lakes 5-Day events and other recent British multi-day events whilst meeting all financial targets.

Reporting To

NWOA Executive

Main Tasks

  1. Making final agreements with NWOA clubs as to which areas are to be used and ensuring that the aims of the event as defined by the Executive and the Club Delegate Meeting are fulfilled.
  2. Negotiating which club(s) will take on the organisation of each day and ensuring through these negotiations that suitable organisers, planners and controllers are appointed in good time.
  3. Working with Day Organisers from NWOA clubs and agreeing with them what they are able to achieve.
  4. Creating an agreed overall timetable for the completion of all the main tasks from January 2022 up to and during the event and ensuring that this timetable is adhered to.
  5. Creating and monitoring a budget for the event in conjunction with the Day Organisers and the Executive.
  6. Motivating and managing the Day Organisers in all aspects of their work.
  7. Overseeing the work of each volunteer in this team and offering all the necessary advice and practical, on-the-ground support, including taking on specific tasks at the request of the volunteer.
  8. Undertaking any tasks for which there is no volunteer available.
  9. Liaising with the Cumbrian and other authorities over the public safety and environmental aspects of the event and producing all the necessary documentation that may be required.
  10. Ensuring that good communication systems are in place prior to the event and during the event so that competitors are kept fully informed, especially if last-minute changes have to be made to the arrangements.
  11. Communicating effectively with NWOA Executive, reporting on progress and seeking opinions and support from the Executive as and when required.
  12. Ensuring that the necessary actions are taken to wind up the event after it has taken place

Person Profile

It is very desirable that the applicant:

Has had the main responsibility for organising or co-ordinating a major single-day or multi-day orienteering event.

Has contributed in a significant way to some important aspect of a multi-day event

Has wide experience of orienteering on both the planning/controlling side and the organisational side.

Has the necessary personal qualities to lead a harmonious and effective team.

Lives in Cumbria or within reasonable travelling distance of the Lake District.

Has a desire to deliver an enjoyable event for participants and make volunteer officials feel appreciated.


It is also desirable that the applicant can demonstrate:


Good knowledge of Lake District areas.

Good personal contacts with as many NWOA clubs as possible.



David McCann

NWOA Chair

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