North West Orienteering Association

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The NWOA is responsible for orienteering in the counties of Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside.

There is usually an orienteering event somewhere in the North West on most weekends and during the summer plenty of midweek evening events too. Details of all of these events can be found on club websites own fixtures pages or you can find details of events across the country by checking the BOF (British Orienteering Federation) website here.

This NW Orienteering site is aimed at providing regional information, both to regular club members, orienteers from other regions and interested people from outside the sport. It provides routine information on club activities and links through to club sites where more comprehensive details on events etc. can be obtained.

(Latest) News...


Chairmas News - November 2013

Chairman's News, November 2013

  • The New NWOA ExecutiveClub
  • Delegate Meetings (CDMs)
  • Matters arising from the last CDM
  • Development Grants to clubs
  • NWOA Controllers
  • 2014 Lakes 5-day event (3-8 August)
  • JK 2015
  • British Long Distance & Relay Orienteering Championships 2017
  • British Orienteering Issues
  • UK Orienteering League (UKOL) Successes

NW Night League - 2013/2014 Events

North West Night League Events 2013/2014

This winters edition of NWNL will again be sponsored by Bright Bike Lights.

Usual format with best 3 scores from the six events.

SROC - Saturday November 30th 2013  
Venue: Low Park Wood, near Kendal
Post code LA5 0JZ  GR SD508878
Time 6-7:15    Courses:- orange, green and blue.
Organiser Quentin Harding

See website nearer the time for further details,

PFO - Saturday December 7th 2013
Venue :Dean Clough, Great Harwood, Whalley - Lay-by Blackburn Old Road, Great Harwood
Post Code BB6 8DU   GR SD715322
Mixed open moorland and woodland
Orange, Green, Blue..
EOD Registration 17:15 – 18:45, Starts 18:00 - 19.15.
Adults £7.00, Juniors £3.00, Dibber hire £1..

Final details & location map at

LOC - Saturday January 11th 2014
Venue : Great Tower, near Windermere
Post Code LA23 3PQ GR SD395915
Classic lakeland woodland with many crags
Time 18:00 -19:00
Fees £2 and £5

Further details later on LOC website at

MDOC - Saturday January 18th 2014
Venue : Dovestone, Greenfield.
Post Code OL3 7NE GR SE014034
Event Centre - Dovestone Sailing Club Bar and changing facilities
Parking:  At reservoir Car park 100m from Registration in Sailing Club. Possible car park fee.
Mainly open moorland with some tussocks on lower slopes and rocky area to the SE
Register 5.30 - 7.00 Starts 6.00 - 7.15
Fees £2 and £5

Further details later on MDOC website

DEE - Saturday February 8th 2014
Venue : Delamere East
GR SJ556710   Large public car park in Delamere Forest

Further details later on DEE website

SELOC - Saturday March 8th 2014
Venue : Tandle Hill, Oldham
Post Code OL2 5UY   GR SD907087
From 5:30   Fees £3 and £6 

Further details later on SELOC website


Rankings Pages

A new menu has been added to the Fixtures & Results Menu to include rankings. Along with rankings for individual clubs there is now also a ranking page list a NW ranking table for all NW clubs. All ranking information is taken directly from the BOF website ranking pages. See stack up in this this league table!

Embargoed Areas within NWOA

The following areas are currently embargoed:


Club Area Name Start Date Event Name Event Date
DEE Delamere Forest 5th January 2013 Level B Event 5th January 2014
MDOC Irwell Valley, North Manchester 16th February 2013 CSC Regional 16th February 2014
WAROC Summer House Knott 3rd May 2013 Level B Event 3rd May 2014
SROC Blakeholme & Gummers How 4th May 2013 Northern Champs 4th May 2014
LOC Kendal 5th May 2013 Level B Event 5th May 2014
BL Swindale 3rd August 2013 Lakes 5 Days 3rd August 2014
SROC Simpson Ground 4th August 2013 Lakes 5 Days 4th August 2014
LOC Grizedale North West 5th August 2013 Lakes 5 Days 5th August 2014
LOC Pike O Blisco 7th August 2013 Lakes 5 Days 7th August 2014
BL Hampsfell & Eggerslack Woods 8th August 2013 Lakes 5 Days 8th August 2014
SELOC   28th September 2013 Level B Event 28th September 2014
DEE Formby Dunes 5th October 2013 Level B Event 5th October 2014
SROC Lancaster University 3rd April 2013 JK2015 3rd April 2015
LOC Dunnerdale / Ulpha Park 4th April 2013 JK2015 4th April 2015
LOC Bigland 5th April 2013 JK2015 5th April 2015
LOC Graythwaite Estate 6th April 2013 JK2015 6th April 2015
SROC Helsington Barrows & Scout Scar 18th October 2013 CSC Final 18th October 2015



2014 - Lakes 5

lakes5logoblankAt the Club Delegate Meeting in October it was decided to make an early start on preparing for a Lakes 5 event in 2014. We would welcome comments about what the event should consist of, e.g. whether 5 long races is the only (or even the best) format. How about a slight variation?

  • Sunday and Monday Long
  • Wednesday Middle distance
  • Wednesday evening ........

Lake District 5 Day Event 2014

I am very pleased to be able to inform you that Derek Allison & myself have signed a contract for Derek to be the Event Director for the Lake District 5 Day Event in 2014. In carrying out this professional role, Derek has been asked by the NWOA Exec Committee to gather together the people, terrain and organisation to deliver an event that provides:-
  • Good quality orienteering,
  • An enjoyable experience for competitors, and
  • A reasonable profit for NWOA.

Bob Roach

NWOA Chairman


NW Fixtures booklet

The full colour printable NW Fixtures booklet can now be downloaded


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